All American Spacemen

In the late 1950’s, NASA sent out the call

For a very special group of men, fit and strong and tall

To conquer America’s last frontier, to be the first in space

To show the world the American way is the way to win the race.



All American spacemen!


Here’s our volunteers, they’re all fit and strong and true

A picture of good health, they’re all American through and through

They pledge allegiance to the flag as each new day begins

And put their trust in God to ensure the best man wins.



All American spacemen!


All American 


America in Space, will keep American Values safe.

For God, apple pie and mom,

We’ll guard them with our atom bomb


See them on parade, see them on your brand new TV screen

These patriots and heroes of the great American dream

Raise a cheer, raise a glass! The American spirit is strong!

Onward to the future and the stars! Onward, ever on and on…


Spam In A Can They’re Just Spam In A Can

© Jeffrey James Culling & Giuseppe Valdo Conte

All Instruments and Vocals Joe Conte

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