Au revoir and Adieu

This is where the story started, at the side of the Auto via

She was hitch-hiking down through the mountains, heading for Sevilla

She was making good time, chasing the sun through the valleys and the


Hiding her real self all the time behind mirror lens sunglasses.

I was driving a Volvo eight wheeler, empty back into Spain

She was standing outside the Customs post, making her intentions plain.

We drove together two more days, and I have to say the time just flew

But when the time came for us to say au revoir, she was saying adieu.

One week later, I was driving back; I pulled over to the crawler lane

Over my weight and hauling steel and iron back to France from Spain

She was in the lay by at Immigration, looking pale and ill

I knew that if I didn’t pick her up, there’ll be nobody else that will

She’d got into some trouble one night on a beach near the Portuguese border

And now she was stuck at Immigration, her papers “not in order”

So I hid her in my load of steel and easily smuggled her through

But I knew this time when she said au revoir, she was really saying adieu.

Au revoir and adieu

Carry different spins

Au revoir and adieu

Mean two different things.

 © Jeffrey James Culling & Giuseppe Valdo Conte

Vocals Jeff Culling

Instruments Joe Conte

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