Bad Boys Coming Home



Bad Boys Coming Home

When the bad boys came to town

The Sheriff took his shotgun down

Then taking his rifle off the rack

He vowed to make them sorry that they’d ever come back


The boys were drinking all afternoon

Picking fights in the saloon

If they couldn’t fight with anyone else

They’d start one up between themselves


When the boys rode into town

The people battened everything down

They shut their windows and bolted their doors

The boys after all had been here before


The Sheriff rounded up his men

And said the boys were back again

Let’s hope that they move on he coldly said

Or by the morning we’ll be counting the dead


Now I was one of the boys that night

We were bad we liked to fight

But this time we’d come back home to stay

We were tired, we were thirsty

We’d been riding for days


© Jeffrey James Culling & Giuseppe Valdo Conte

All Instruments and Vocals Joe Conte

Harmonica by Rudi Somerlove

Video By Rudi

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