Carrying The Fire

Are you carrying the fire for me

Do you  hold it safe  inside

Does it burn despite the rain of tears

That fell each time you cried

And will it still burn  strongly

Despite the winds of discontent

That gather to attack

With malice and bad intent.    


You told me that a million years

Would not be too long,

The fire will still burn brightly

The fire will still burn strong.

And while it burns so strongly

You can see it’s light for miles,

A symbol of the trust we share

As simple as a child’s.


Carrying the fire, Carrying the fire

 Catching the flame,Catching the flame,

Carrying the fire, Carrying the fire etc


Will it still burn brightly, despite the winds of change

and the rains that fall around us,

will wash away the pain and the tears.

But still the fire remains


Guarded, tended with such care

The fire can never die

Its purpose is no secret

We all know the reason why

And even if the flame should flicker,

It will always burn anew,

With you, carrying the fire for me,

And me, carrying the fire for you.

© Jeffrey James Culling & Giuseppe Valdo Conte

All Instruments and Vocals Joe Conte

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