Grandad’s Watch and Chain


When Grandad was frail and on his way,

He said to me “Son, I’ve got something to say

It’s time for something to go down the line

I won’t get up from this sick bed of mine”

He held in his hand his old watch and chain,

And told me that he’d never wear it again

He’d had the watch since he turned twenty one

He pressed it in my hand and the deed was done.

The watch was silver but the chain was gold

Spent too much upon the chain, put the watch on hold

‘Till nearly two years later, with Grandad due to wed

Couldn’t afford the watch of gold, it had to be silver instead.

And so I came to wear the pair, mismatched though they were

The silver watch and the golden chain across my waistcoat there

And when I’m dead and buried, when I’m dead and gone

Grandad’s mismatched watch and chain will be passed on to my son.

And I hope he’ll wear it proudly in the same way that I do

Maybe just weddings and funerals and he’ll need a waistcoat too

But every time he wears it I hope that he will see

Just why I remember Grandad and the gift he gave to me.


Vocals Jeff

All Instruments Joe

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