In The Bible Belt


“Brothers and sisters, we are gathered here this evening to give

thanks to the Lord for this great country in which we live – the U.S.of A!

And especially those states of which we are so proud, below the Mason Dixon Line – the Southland!”


Down here inKentucky

We count ourselves real lucky

There’s over a hundred churches in which I’ve knelt

We’ve kept the black folks down

Since General Lee was around

And life’s been good down here in the Bible Belt.

Down south in Louisiana

And across in Alabama

We’ve made the most off the hand that we’ve been dealt

The church is well attended

Segregation never ended

And we’re all doing fine in the Bible Belt

In Georgia and the Carolinas

You may say we’re hardliners

We were never afraid to show the way we felt

We support The Ku-Klux Klan

In any way we can

It’s great being white down in the Bible Belt.

Keeping the coloureds down

Whether black or brown

Hypocrisy’s scent is very often smelt

But being down here is fine

Below theMason-Dixon Line

If you’re white, the living’s good in the Bible Belt.


 © Jeffrey James Culling & Giuseppe Valdo Conte

Vocals Jeff Culling

Instruments and Vocals Joe Conte


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