Into The Electric Mist



Sometimes we’d take my father’s car

To see how it would feel

We’d drive through the dark with the lights turned off

And take our hands off the wheel

We never ever had a crash

I can’t believe all the things that we missed

As we drove out into the rest of our lives

Into the electric mist.


At other times I’d take my father’s gun

And put a bullet in the chamber

I’d stare for hours at it lying there

A metal Jesus in the manger

And with my finger on the trigger

The gun there in my fist

I’d dream of the bullet carrying me

Into the electric mist


 We rode our fabled mystical beasts

Never gave thought to the risk

We threw all caution to the winds

Into the electric mist.


 Before I was nearly old enough

I’d sneak some of Daddy’s booze

With the car, the gun, and the bottle

We’d do our night time, hands off cruise

And it seemed like we’d missed our childhood

Before we’d even been kissed

And our dreams just drifted further away

Into the electric mist.


 © Jeffrey James Culling & Giuseppe Valdo Conte

All Instruments and Vocals Joe Conte

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