Mary Jane

Mary Jane


Mary Jane, have you got no shame

You’re coming round again, knocking on my door. 

Mary Jane, you know I’m not to blame

You make me feel the same as I did before.


When you up and went away

A thought ran through my brain

All my problems came to stay

When I met Mary Jane.


Mary Jane, you know it’s been so long

You’ve grown so strong, while you’ve been away. 

Mary Jane, you know this ain’t no game

Please let me explain, before you make the call

You haven’t been ’round for so long

Now you’re back again

I think that I might go insane

From too much Mary Jane


Mary Jane, you’re my oldest flame

You’re always in the frame, as you were before 

Mary Jane, I’ll sing your song 

‘Till you’re all gone, then I’ll ask for more


When she’s playing hard to get

You’re left to bear the pain

Before my life goes down the drain

Come back, Mary Jane.


 © Jeffrey James Culling & Giuseppe Valdo Conte

All Instruments and Vocals Joe Conte

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