New Age Jolly Pirates


We’re modern Somali pirates,  hey-ho and a bottle of rum

When we pull up alongside  you there’s nowhere you can run.

We hold the crew as hostage and ransom off the cargo

It’s the only way to overcome the new U.N. embargo.

We don’t use knife and cutlass

I’ve got an AK47

Bought it from our dealer

Up the coast in Yemen.

We’re new-age jolly pirates,  we rule this stretch of coast

Outside the twelve mile limit beware all other boats

We’re new-age jolly pirates, we’ll hit you hard and fast

We’re nothing like the pirates, you read of in the past.

We don’t fly the Jolly Roger

Or talk about pieces of eight

Today we talk in millions

When we value up the freight.

© Jeffrey James Culling & Giuseppe Valdo Conte

All Instruments and Vocals Joe Conte

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