Someone Else’s Eyes


When it was good, it was so very good

But it hasn’t been good for a while

And it seems so long since you last turned to me

With any love in your smile

And now the golden truths we shared

Are hidden behind the lies

The attention that you give me

Is part of your disguise 

and every time we meet

I suspect our demise

‘Cos when you look at me

It’s with some-one else’s eyes.

We used to run through the winter snow

And risk our lives on the lake

We didn’t know how strong the ice was

And the chances it might break

And now your heart’s as cold as ice

Your act should be televised

Your positive emotions

Are just there to entice

And I can see right through them

They’re just a device

‘Cos when you look at me

It’s with someone else’s eyes.

© Jeffrey James Culling & Giuseppe Valdo Conte

All Instruments and Vocals Joe Conte


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