Sweet Cheyenne


Must I beg for your pardon, Sweet Cheyenne 

Let me back into your garden, Sweet Cheyenne 

It’s so long since we were there, in that soft and scented air 

Let me back into your garden Sweet Cheyenne 

 I’ve still got the note you sent me, Sweet Cheyenne 

It’s so hard to think you meant me, Sweet Cheyenne 

You said our love was done and I was not the one 

It’s so hard to think you meant me Sweet Cheyenne 

 The day grows dark with rain clouds, they cover up the sun 

I know the day is never going to come, is never going to come 

 Let me know that you miss me, Sweet Cheyenne 

Can’t believe the way you kissed me, Sweet Cheyenne 

All those days upon the sand, in the shallows hand in hand 

 © Jeffrey James Culling & Giuseppe Valdo Conte

All Instruments and Vocals Joe Conte


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