The Devil’s Boulevard

All the shops have bargain sales, or else are closing down

In this road that’s never been the best part of the town

Now the slates are coming off, the bricks are old and scarred

The buildings need some TLC on the devil’s boulevard.


Fast food joints and burger bars spit neon through the night

The cooking and the garbage smells are there in every bite

With every breath you take the air is redolent with lard

From the dazzle of hell’s kitchens on the devil’s boulevard.


Young boys hang on the corners, hidden in their hoods

Folding money changes hands as they pass across the goods

Their turf is well protected by their look-outs and their guards

This is where the deals go down, the devil’s boulevard.


The graffiti kings patrol the alleys and sort their aerosols,

Their goal to leave their rainbow mark on each and every wall

In another place their art might well be held in some regard

But there is no place for artistry on the devil’s boulevard.


When the lights go on each night, the girls come out for trade

The work is hard and all because there’s a man who must be paid

And many’s the girl who’s ended up in the splinters and the shards

Of broken glass and broken dreams on the devil’s boulevard.


And I, meanwhile, dressed for the part, unshaven and falsly lame

Observe each changing day while it all remains the same

Down here it’s never easy, and life is always hard

For those who choose to live their lives on the devils boulevard

Those who the local citizens hold in disregard

Who from polite society find that they are barred

Assumed to be of ill-repute and alright to discard

The ones we force to live their lives on the devil’s boulevard.

© Jeffrey James Culling & Giuseppe Valdo Conte

Vocals Jeff

All Instruments Joe

Lead Guitar Lea Rogers

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