What Billy Joe Did Next


Hey man, over here, it’s me

You remember, Billy Joe McGee!

Times are bad, I’m living rough

Just getting enough to eat is tough.

I Don’t suppose that’s a bottle there in your coat,

It’s been so long since I felt that old familiar burn in my throat

Come and sit down here on the ground

And I’ll tell you all about what’s been going down.


It’s been five years now since I left the shack

I turned to the South, and didn’t look back

My daddy was drowning in whisky and rum

So I just waited for the Summer to come

I’d heard a lot about Mexico

It seemed a good place for a young man to go

So I packed a case and I filled a bag

And set out walking, with all that I had.


A Yankee boy’s money doesn’t go too far

When you hide from the sun in those border bars

So when the local rancher rode by and said

He had a job with pay and a bunkhouse bed

and three square meals seven days a week

And to herd his cattle I could use his Jeep.

Well, looking around I was filled with hope

I could use the river-bed man and grow some dope


My plan went well till the foreman found me

Harvesting the crop, when he tied and bound me

He ran me to the border before he let me go

And that was the last I saw of old Mexico

Now here I am in this old barn

Sheltering from the rain and trying to keep warm

I’ve heard them say Billy Joe’s easy beat

But here I am, the whole world at my feet,


Look to the future, Billy

Turn your back on the past

The days are slipping right by you

and the years are going fast.


© Jeffrey James Culling & Giuseppe Valdo Conte

All Instruments and Vocals Joe Conte

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