“Tariq! Put the bodies in the car Tariq! This is the last thing you

have to do man. You know I can’t have blood on me when I’m walking back –

now put the bodies in the car!”

Tariq is the last one I thought would let me down. I know he argued with Ali

and Hassan, and now that both brothers were lying dead on the cobbles of

my courtyard I’d expected him to be throwing himself into his part of the plan

with more enthusiasm.

Eventually he heaved the two bodies over the lip of the

boot and into the Mercedes, but I could see him shaking uncontrollably

as he re-arranged Ali’s legs to shut the boot lid. I realised Tariq had

become a problem I would have to deal with, and I busied myself under the

bonnet of the car while he scrupulously washed himself and laid out his

prayer mat. I took my pistol and coming up behind him as he knelt, I shot him

once in the back of the head, so that he pitched forward onto his prayer mat,

where I shot him once more in his left ear.

Now I had another body to dispose of…

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